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Monica Cellio‭      monicacellio

Jew. Writer. Foodie. Board-gamer. I'm curious and sometimes geeky about many things and aspire to keep learning, always. Come learn about Judaism, one of my favorite topics, on Codidact!

I'm the Community Lead on Codidact; my posts are my own opinions, not Codidact policy, unless noted otherwise.

I'm a technical writer who works with and sometimes helps design programming interfaces. Currently I work on a SQL analytics database; in the past I worked on a data-visualization platform, natural-language processing, e-commerce when it was very young, and assorted other things. I have in the past been competent in Java, C++, C, and my first love, LISP, but I'm not a programmer any more. I'd love to see more technical-writing questions on Writing!

As an occasional writer of fiction and player of role-playing games, I sometimes need to find answers about how things would work that don't exist today in our world. Some of these answers can be found on Scientific Speculation.

I'm a hobbyist cook who likes to explore new dishes, experiment with new ingredients, and occasionally reconstruct renaissance food, so I'm excited by our Cooking site. I keep kosher, meaning no pork and shellfish (among things) and no combinations of meat and milk. (And a lot more details.) This means I often have to adapt recipes, and I won't be much help diagnosing problems in your Chicken Courdon Bleu.

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