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What are other uses for an omelet maker besides making omelets?


I recently asked a question about how to best turn an omelet. @Pestana suggested an omelet maker for doing so:

omelet maker

I don't want to buy a kitchen tool for a sole purpose so my question is what could I possibly use an omelet maker for too?

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Anything fried that needs flipping:

  • Pancakes
  • Grilled cheese (admittedly, this is easy enough to flip since the bread keeps everything together) 1
  • Hamburgers 1
  1. Note: I make grilled cheese and hamburgers in the oven on broil (Kosher, so not at the same time, preferably separate ovens), but I know others who make them in a frying pan.



After some searching on the site @Pestana linked I found that the omelet maker consists of only two pans which are separable and don't seem to be permanently connected.

picture of omelet maker with two separable pans

So the pans of the omelet maker can just be used as regular pans.


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