How can I make (pre-made pizza) dough sticky again?


I used some pre-made pizza dough bought from my local supermarket to prepare some pizza balls (basically pizza dumplings). A problem I encountered was that the dough was very non-sticky so that I couldn't easily close the balls. I tried to make the dough a bit more sticky with water but that led to the opposite effect of the dough being even less sticky. I also tried flour mixed with water and eggs which did help a little but not immensely.

In the end, I put the not-closable sides facing downards on the baking sheet so that the filling couldn't spill. It worked just fine but was obviously not how I intended it to be.

What is the best way to make a (pre-made pizaa) dough sticky again?

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How is your pizza dough packaged? This sounds like more of an issue with the dough losing its moisture and drying out. ‭Sigma‭ 13 days ago

@Sigma It's sealed so that no air can come in or out, it's just ready-to-use dough from my local supermarket. The dough itself is rather "wet", however it doesn't stick at all. I think it has something to do with used chemicals to conserve it or to make it non-sticky. ‭Zerotime‭ 12 days ago

Very weird! I have never had this issue and have no idea what would cause it or how you could remedy it beyond what you already tried. ‭Sigma‭ 11 days ago

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