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What is this kitchen tool that looks like a waffle maker with bigger depressions?


I live in shared flat and today I rummaged through our kitchen a bit. There I was surprised to find the following kitchen tool:

top view of kitchen tool

look inside of the kitchen tool

It has small holes in it and the area around it heats up pretty quickly. (I plugged it in to see what happens.) It looks similar to a waffle maker but with deep holes. What is this kitchen tool and what is it used for?

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By "holes" do you mean the depressions (where the food goes), or are there also holes I can't see (like to vent steam)? ‭Monica Cellio‭ 14 days ago

@MonicaCellio No, I meant the depressions, didn't know it was called like that. There are no additional holes. ‭Zerotime‭ 14 days ago

Thanks. I made an edit to the title that I think is a little clearer; if you disagree, feel free to change it back (or to something else). ‭Monica Cellio‭ 14 days ago

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That is a muffin maker! Pour muffin, cornbread, or cupcake batter into the depressions and let them cook. They are much quicker to use than a standard oven.

You can also make biscuits, rolls, and eggs in them.

Even though they are non-stick it is wise to additionally use either liners or non-stick spray.


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