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The home made burger challenge


Everyone loves burgers and everyone has their own idea how burgers should be ideally done. So it's burger time!

Your task is to create some juicy burgers and share them with us. (And after you've done this, you might as well share your recipe with us in our recipe category ;)

To ensure at least some standardisation and in order to compare answers to this challenge, these rules should be adhered to:

  • Requirements for the burgers
    • A burger has at least one bun sliced in two parts. (One part on the top, on on the bottom.)
    • A burger has at least one part meat or a substitute for meat (fish, soy substitutes, etc. all allowed).
    • A burger has at least one part vegetables. (Substitutes for meat don't count toward this.)
    • A burger has to be easily eat- and handleable, extremely tall or wide ones aren't allowed (as they are neither fun to make nor to eat). For reference:
    • The burger can be easily prepared at home. (No super special kitchen tools required for preparation.)
  • Additional info
    • A burger may have an extra sauce but this isn't required.
    • A burger may have a side dish but this isn't required.

Please upvote answers based on following criteria:

  • Rules were followed.
  • The looks of the burger are appealing.
  • The recipe is creative.
  • You like the burger and want to prepare it yourself!

Answers should have at least one image and a title for the burger. A short text highlighting special quirks of your recipe is appreciated but not required. Please don't post recipes here but rather in our recipe category and link to it.

Visual inspirations:

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A burger has at least one part vegetables. That's an interesting requirement. There are plenty of fine burgers made with spices, condiments, etc. but no true "vegetables", unless you call ketchup a vegetable. manassehkatz about 2 months ago

@manassehkatz I corrected the part about the bun and if you would like to see the vegetable requirement removed, I can do this as well. Tbh, I didn't ever have a burger without one part vegetables so maybe my culinary inexperience in this case biased me a little bit too much when I wrote it. Zerotime about 2 months ago

There are plenty of people for whom veggies are a must - whether ordinary like onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles - or more exotic. But there are also plenty where the ultimate burger is only burger (i.e., meat) + bun + whatever sauce/flavorings/spices. manassehkatz about 2 months ago

@manassehkatz I actually already had something ready when I initially posted the challenge, however didn't have the time until now to add it. Now it's there. Thanks for the reminder. Zerotime about 1 month ago

3 answers


This is a fairly standard example of one of my burgers. I love the chewiness of Ciabatta rolls, but it's high quality lean beef from a local ranch that really makes the taste special.

Image alt text



Burger with self-made patties

Link to recipe to make self-made patties:

Just a simple burger with self-made patties. Added vegetables were lettuce, tomatoes and fried onions.

burger with patty top view

burger with patty side view



Burger with caramelised onions

I get the mince from a good butcher, which is essential to making it taste great. This time I added caramelised onions, although I also enjoy other options, such as bacon or mayo. Served with chips with a Bulgarian-inspired herb/spice mix of paprika, savory, fenugreek, oregano and of course, salt and pepper.

Burger Recipe:

Caramelised onion recipe:

Burger in a bun and chips on a plate


This looks delicious. What is your side dish? Are these French fries / chips? Zerotime 22 days ago

@Zerotime Thanks! :D They're chips, yeah. At my parents' home, I'd have made (deep fat fried) double cooked chips, but I don't have a deep fat fryer here, so I have to make do with triple cooked (oven) chips from a nearby shop Mithrandir24601 22 days ago

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