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What do you think of a recipe tab?


While I enjoy asking questions and receiving answers to them, I miss a space to post (home-developed) recipes. I think that it would be a nice addition to not only be able to talk about the process of cooking and baking itself but to also have a place to get some inspiration for the next cooking or baking sessions.

I thought about something like on the photography site with their tabs contests, FAQs and so on. While a question could be an initial recipe, answers could be written if someone tried it out and had problems with it. These answers could again be linked in the initial recipe so that you not only have the recipe itself but also common problems (and solutions for them) all in one place.

What do you think of that?

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Yes! I definitely want us to have some place to post "articles", including recipes, alongside Q&A!

In addition to recipes, people might also want to write about techniques, specific cuisines, experiments (including failures), and probably other stuff. On the proposal I suggested a "Cooks' Notes" category for all of that, with either recipes being part of that or Recipes being a separate category for the "just the facts" recipes without all the narrative. (C'mon, when you Google for a recipe and get to a site with a ton of text, don't you look for the "jump to recipe" link or go to the bottom of the page?)

Should we have one category for all such posts, using a "recipes" tag to distinguish those from other posts, or should we make recipes a first-class category so they're more visible? I see arguments both ways. A comment points out that we can get richer filtering and tagging if we make them separate, so I propose doing that.

About tags: each category uses a tag set. Q&A and Meta, for example, are different tag sets; meta needs things like "announcements" and "bugs" while main needs things like "baking" and "meat". For Recipes, we can either share the Q&A tag set or make a third set. Opinions? A recipe collection might want some tags that don't make as much sense in Q&A, like "30-minute meal" or "breakfast" or "make-ahead". On the other hand, it's going to want a lot of the tags from Q&A, like "slow-cookers" and "French" and "tofu", so maybe we just let all the tags be available everywhere and assume Q&A about 30-minute meals will be rare or nonexistent. (Sorry, we don't have something like hierarchical tag sets.) Two tag sets can have tags with the same name; for example, on Writing both Q&A and Meta have "editing" tags, but they mean different things in those two contexts. When you click on a tag you see all the questions with that tag in that tag set, so if we make a separate tag set we can have the same names but they'll be different tags. I'm leaning toward a shared tag set, but I'd like feedback.

We are almost ready with an "article" post type, which is a top-level post type like "question" but, unlike questions, does not accept answers (but does accept comments). We could then use that post type for recipes. If people have different recipes for the same dish, they can post them separately, instead of ending up with a Q&A jumble. (Articles have tags too, same as questions.)


I would vote for a solution with two tabs so you can separate recipes from everything else. I think (at least it's what I would like) that having a place just for recipes helps finding new recipes to try out without needing to go through other articles. The recipes themselves could be tagged with breakfast, dinner, French, Indonesian, et cetera. Zerotime 2 months ago

@Zerotime that sounds good to me. We'll need to talk about tag sets; making an edit now. Monica Cellio 2 months ago

I'll make this (with the shared tag set) tomorrow if no one objects. Monica Cellio 2 months ago

I think a shared tagset is good. Sigma 2 months ago

A shared tag set with Q&A and a category specifically for recipes using that article post type sounds good to me. Is search restricted per category as well? (So, say, if I search for 'meatballs' when in Recipes I get recipies for meatballs, not Q&A about meatballs.) aCVn 2 months ago

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