What should the Cooking moderation election look like?


Hello Cooking community!

Part of the Codidact vision is having each community be managed by its users, those who know it best. Some migrating communities let moderators transfer; for others it was obvious who the primary site advocates were.

When Cooking was originally created, I was suggested as an interim mod because I was involved with the CD org and the initial community proposal. However, it is preferable for 1) the moderators to be truly chosen as leaders from and for the community and 2) for there to be at least two so they can discuss issues or recuse themselves in case of a conflict of interest.

With those two goals in mind, I would like to propose holding a moderator election. This will be the first "real" election on a Codidact site so we have relative freedom in how to execute it. We could follow the path of Some Other site (nomination period followed by a vote) - Software Development is currently holding an interim moderator election following that route. We could also do something completely different.

I've opened a parallel question about moderator requirements and responsibilities, but I'd like to focus here on what the election itself should look like.

  • Do we have enough activity / active members to hold an election?
  • Do we require a minimum level of community participation to vote? If so, what?
  • What do we want nominations to look like?
  • We have the up/down vote system for posts - do we want to use that for voting or something different?

Please suggest other questions! We'd like to make the election process work as well as possible for the community, so don't hesitate to bring up any concerns.

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I don't think we're enough active users here to hold a meaningful election and nobody's voiced a concern to do one. I would just wait until there are more people around. ‭Zerotime‭ 12 days ago

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