What does it mean to be a moderator on Cooking? What is expected from them?


Hello Cooking community!

Hopefully we will soon be able to hold an official election to choose community leaders. With that in mind, I'd like to start a discussion of what expectations are for moderators, so 1) moderators know what they're signing up for and 2) they can be held accountable by the community. Below are a few questions to spark conversation; feel free to add your own or suggest edits.

  • How long should an elected moderator's term limit be?
  • What happens if a moderator becomes inactive?
  • Do moderators have a responsibility to "market" the community?
  • Do community members need a minimum level of community contribution to be considered for moderator? If so, what? (Note - this may be influenced by the imminent abilities update.)
  • Are moderators held to a standard beyond the Codidact code of conduct / TOS? If so, what?
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Isn't that something that should be decided on Meta? Or is the plan to have different rules / expectations for moderators across sub sites? ‭Zerotime‭ 12 days ago

Great question! Yes and no - since both the Codidact organization and the cooking community here are very new, we don't really have any established requirements from the org level. It's "generally accepted" that mods should be decent people who will act in the community's best interest, but we are free to set additional expectations if desired or appropriate. ‭Sigma‭ 12 days ago

This would make a great topic for main Meta though (hint hint)! ‭Sigma‭ 12 days ago

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