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How do I make spicy food less spicy near the end of meal preparation?


I like my food to be relatively spicy. Not everybody likes it so I sometimes overdo it when cooking with friends: near the end of the meal preparation, the food is too spicy for them and I know that they wouldn't enjoy it!

Oftentimes I add pure milk or other milk based products like cream, cheese or sour cream. A key problem with adding milk based products that everything besides pure milk changes the flavour of my meal. While it doesn't matter to me, I would still like to know if there are options which don't influence the flavour too much.

What are some alternatives so that I can make my meals less spicy near the end of meal preparation? (Food is still in the pan, pot or oven and has some time left to be completely done.)

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This might depend on the type of cooking; a curry cooked in a skillet might call for different remediation than a super-spicy barbecue on the grill. Monica Cellio 26 days ago

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Nothing you can do will go very far towards making spicy food less spicy. Don't try to cover the spiciness, instead dilute it with more of the base ingredients (e.g. add plain beans or tomatoes to overly-spicy chili) or with a plainer food (i.e. serve a spicy stew with rice or noodles.)

Alternatively, you can divide the food you are cooking into two batches, and spice one for your tastes and the other for your friends.