October 2020 - Seasonal Cooking!


I've recently been enjoying the change of seasons here in the south-east US. Instead of stepping outdoors to be immediately drenched in sweat from the sweltering summer sun, we have lovely days that are sunny and cool, inviting everyone outdoors to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.... And with the cooler weather I start craving heartier fare: stews, hearth breads, and of course traditional treats like pumpkin pies or mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Festival.

In the southern hemisphere, of course, it's spring! Days are getting longer and warmer. All over the world, different cultures have culinary ways of celebrating the change of seasons, so this challenge is about sharing that celebration! Post a photo or three of a seasonal dish with the name. If you're willing to share the recipe, please post it in the Recipes category and add a link to your post.

Additionally, if you have a suggestion for next month's challenge, please post it in the comments below.

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Today was a cold, rainy day, so I made this hearty vegetable stew to compensate. Contains miscellaneous vegetables from my latest produce box.

photo, served over couscous

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I love the contrast! Sounds amazing - I need to make more stews. ‭Sigma‭ 2 days ago


I made a stew consisting of potatoes, pepper bell and octopus with a cheese gratin on top of it. I spiced it up with chilli seasoning so that it can warm me up... ;)

plate with stew

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Wow, I bet the octopus and cheese tasted amazing! Can you post the recipe please? I would love to make this! ‭Sigma‭ 2 days ago

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