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For years I've had the strange habit of eating uncooked spaghetti, just a single straw now and then (it has become less frequent, now it only happens a couple of times per year), and only spaghetti not other shapes of pasta (might be something about the speed at which I get the ingredients).

But it has made me wonder. Is it actually good/bad for my health? Are there any other effects to this?

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No, there are no significant effects related to consuming pasta raw, neither positive nor negative ones.

Pasta is primarily made out of semolina and water. Sometimes, eggs are added. Cooking pasta doesn't change the nutritional value of it1 as only water is used which, well, has no calories at all.

The only "adverse" effect of consuming pasta raw might be that your stomach rumbles or you get a slight stomach ache due to the fact that digesting wheat products (or starches in general) raw isn't what humans stomachs are made for. But this will only happen if you eat too much of it, a single straw now or then won't have any relevant impact.

  1. You can compare the nutritional value of uncooked and cooked pasta at which is a good starting point for looking up nutritional values.


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