What would one need to do to make 3D printed PLA cookware safe to use?


It's possible to 3D print cookie cutters or measuring cups or dumpling makers with PLA, however its not certain that doing so would be safe.

The two problems people mention are,

  1. Possible impurities or chemicals in the PLA
  2. The microscopic pores in the object created by the 3D printing process which gives bacteria a place to hide.

Is there a way of solving those problems?

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I think this question is a good one but it might be a little bit too large and too complex to answer it like that. For example, one time use items are pretty easy to 3D print as you don't have to worry about the second problem (which is a very big problem on its own), for the first problem you could use food safe filaments and be good to go. Could you break it down a little bit please? Do you want to know about tools that you can put in the dishwasher? ‭Zerotime‭ 27 days ago

Are tools supposed to be used in a hot environment (stove, oven, etc.), for example a soup ladle, or in a cold environment (freezer, fridge, etc.)? Without more specific information, the answer to your question would be "it depends" as you can 3D print some things used for cooking but not everything is recommended. ‭Zerotime‭ 27 days ago

@Zerotime PLA starts getting soft at 60C so the limitation is basically room temperature. one time use seems like it would be really costly because it takes so long to print. ‭Charlie Brumbaugh‭ 27 days ago

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