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How can I fix the broken hinge on my waffle maker?


Today I found some interesting things while rummaging through the kitchen in my shared flat. One of the things I found was a waffle maker but sadly it's a bit broken. The hinge between the top and bottom part is broken and only the tube / pipe (Is it called tube / pipe?) transmitting the electricity between the top and bottom part keeps it together. It looks like this:

side view of broken hinge

top view of broken hinge

The hinge originally was made out of (cast) iron but broke apart somewhen in the past. I would like to fix the waffle maker to use it again as it works just fine. (I plugged it in to test it.) I'm very, let's say untalented, with handiwork so I don't know what's the best way to repair it or if it's even a good idea to repair it.

The waffle maker emits pretty a lot of heat when turned on so whatever material I'm supposed to use should be resistant to high heat. Furthermore, the DIY hinge should be rigid so that even pressure is applied at all times when making waffles. (And I also want to avoid that the hinge breaks while I'm in the process of making waffles so sturdy materials preferred!)

Does anyone have a idea how I could fix the waffle maker?

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Each pan of the waffle maker is made by pouring molten metal into a mold, then applying many layers of a non-stick coating. Repairing a break in this location is not reasonable.

Waffle-makers in working condition are often available cheaply at charity shops, because many people get them as wedding gifts, use them once or twice, and then never think of them again. If you want waffles -- and waffles are definitely a food worth cooking at home -- it's time to buy one.

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Thanks for the answer! Time to get a new one 😋 ‭Zerotime‭ 12 days ago

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