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Is cold brew coffee with coldish water and no refrigeration possible?


Sometimes when backcountry camping, I will have my cold brew sock and access to fairly cold water (just barely possible to go swimming) , but of course not a refrigerator.

It will stay fairly cold through the night probably dropping to 40° F.

Would good tasting cold brew coffee be possible under those circumstances?

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The short answer is yes, it's perfectly possible to make cold brew coffee in these circumstances. The main reason it is typically made in a refrigerator is to keep it from being lukewarm and therefore less palatable. If you don't mind the coffee being 40(+?) degrees instead of 34 it should be fine.

The coffee will also become stale or develop bacteria more quickly than in a refrigerator, but if you drink it within a day or two it should be fine (ordinarily it will keep up to a week or so when fully chilled).


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