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How do you make pulled noodles when living in the USA?


In China, "pulled noodles" (拉麵/拉面) are created by stretching dough over and over again. I want to know how to do this. Authors of English language articles about pulled noodles often cheat by cutting the noodles with a knife or rolling the noodles out with a rolling pin. I suspect there are one or more chemical tricks to making real pulled noodles.

What is the most practical way for someone living in the United States to make pulled noodles?

I am looking for answers backed up either by chemistry, traditional knowledge or personal experience.

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For clarification as I've never done pulled noodles myself: Can't you just take the dough from the recipes you use, skip the part with using a rolling pin or a knife and just stretch it as long as you like? Or is the problem about the dough in the recipes as it's not intended to be pulled? Zerotime 20 days ago

Ordinary dough will break if it is pulled the way pulled noodles is. lsusr 9 days ago

@isusr it sounds like what you want is the recipe for pulled noodles. The how should not change base on what country you are in. James Jenkins 4 days ago

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