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How can I get chicken as soft as possible in two hours or less?


I saw this recipe about slow cooker chicken in our recipe category and I wondered if there are other ways to get my chicken as soft as possible without investing hours of cooking?

I wanted to prepare fried rice and add some chicken. I want the chicken to be as soft as possible as I really like it this way (if you can easily pull the chicken apart and it "melts" on your tongue). Is there a way to achieve this without investing several hours? The most I'm willing to spend is two hours. What are possible ways to get chicken as soft as possible in two hours or less?

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The softest chicken is chicken that has carefully been raised to the minimum safe cooking temperature, then had the cooking process stopped.

The options:

  • cooking in a high moisture environment means that the temperature can't go above 212F / 100C. That's still far too hot for chicken, but it gives you a wide margin to check on it and remove the chicken as soon it's done.

  • cooking sous vide (water bath regulated to exactly the final desired temperature) will definitely work.

  • smoking is another low temperature cooking method, and can also impart delicious flavors.

All of these, however, take lots of time.

If you have a small quantity of boneless chicken, you could carefully poach it in chicken broth. That wouldn't take two hours.

If you have a pressure cooker (or one of its multicooker cousins) you can probably get the effect you are looking for. Some experimentation will be necessary.


Do you have any guidance on where I should start my experimentation with a pressure cooker? Zerotime about 1 month ago

It will depend on how much pressure your cooker has, and how much chicken you're attempting to cook at once. I found a chart here that lists approximate cooking times for different pieces, but just find some recipes and try them - you'll gradually get more familiar with your own equipment and have a better idea of how much time is needed. Sigma about 1 month ago

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