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How do I make tempeh less chewy?


I cooked with tempeh for the first time recently. The tempeh came in an 8oz "brick", about half to three-quarters of an inch thick. The recipe I was following suggested boiling it for 10 minutes before cutting and marinating, to reduce the bitterness, which I did. After that prep I cut it into slices, marinated it in a peanut sauce (per the recipe) for about 4 hours, and then baked it.

The tempeh did not taste bitter but it was chewier than I expected. What can I do to make it less chewy? I can imagine a few options:

  • boil it longer
  • cut it into thinner pieces
  • marinate it longer
  • marinate it in something different
  • cook it differently (temperature? duration?)

Or is this just how tempeh is and I'll get used to it?

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While I am not familiar with tempeh, I would think that perhaps cutting it into lozengy shapes, at an angle, so the individual pieces are cut evenly with thin edges, might assist.


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