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Banana milkshake with vanilla flavour



  • 1 large, ripe banana
  • 3-4 dl cold milk
  • ½-1 dl cream (adjust to taste)
  • a little vanilla (optional)


  • stick blender, or similar
  • large drinking glass or high jug (for mixing in)


Peel the banana, and cut or break it into pieces approximately 2-3 cm long. Drop the pieces into the mixing container (drinking glass or jug). Add cream if desired, then add milk so that the banana pieces are roughly covered by the milk. Add vanilla to taste.

Using the blender, thoroughly mix the ingredients while puréeing the banana bits.

Hint: for extra foam on top, include some cream and when nearly done, tilt the blender slightly through the surface while mixing. This works best if mixing directly in a drinking glass; if mixing in a jug, pour carefully when done.

Pour into a drinking glass (if not mixed in one already) and serve immediately.


Quite honestly, I'm not sure what to call this one. If anyone has a suggestion for a more descriptive title, please comment! aCVn 2 months ago

How about "Banana milkshake with vanilla flavour"? Zerotime 2 months ago

That's definitely better than what I had @Zerotime, thanks for the suggestion. aCVn 2 months ago

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